A Story That Needs To Be Told That Is Long Overdue

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Thank you for your interest in learning more about my memoir.

A life time of memories summed up in a memoir I've been writing for last year.Hard to wrap my head around it but I knew it was part of my destiny, my fate.

My story is not unique its universal.


When you think about your life you never imagine it at 5 being turned upside down with divorce, abused sexually, emotionally and physically. Struggling to fit, suicidal and confused I desperately searched to find my voice and a safe place to call home.

I turned to alcohol to cope and deal with abuse and abandonment. Many years I spent trying to navigating being a juvenile delinquent and a drop out. My lack of emotion and self respect forced me to be an adult at 16 years of age. Death, Loss and pain seemed to follow me like a dark cloud when all I yearned for was healing.

Jumping from one pain to the next it seemed as though abuse was a normal passage of time. Finally escaping an abusive relationship in my late teens to early twenties I was forced to look at the woman I had become or in my circumstance "A Damaged Girl."

Life Is the ultimate test of ones humanity and mental capabilities as I've grown into my 30's and after having a child I was faced with another challenge learning to love myself to love my son. Postpartum depression and healing came with time. You are not alone, you have a voice and I will be the light to help you share your pain and heal with support, empathy and compassion.

I Hope my message will reach and help support anyone who has struggled with;


Abuse, pain and shame.

That is why I wanted to write this book. To give that damaged girl a chance to be heard and understood.

And lastly so that my readers know:

I Believe You

Thank you for supporting me to get my book funded. The funds will be used to get my memoir published with the amazing publisher:

Paper Raven Books.

The total cost is $7,500 hope to publish by November 2019

You can help fund the publishing of my memoir by visiting my Go Fund Me page.

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