The Creative Intuitive

Professionally I have over 10 years experience within the healthcare industry working as a direct caregiver. In addition to 17 years within the hospitality industry helping my mother run a lodging Business in Western Massachusetts. In 2014 I received my associates degree in health care management and most recently became a certified life coach. My intent was to go into nursing, However, my burning desire to be creative ignited my passions. I have always loved social media platforms and being creative. Learning to navigate the turn of the times and keep that interpersonal connection has always been apart of who I am as well as my challenge.

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My Career change or shift as I would call it came after my son was born in 2016. I realized that since life coaching is apart of healthcare and over all wellness and social media is the driving force to get visible so why not merge them both. I knew that I wanted to help people but in a different way. I had learned so much from the healthcare and hospitality industries, but I couldn’t get rid of the deep desire to work with people on a intellectual level. Maybe its the Aquarius in me that needs to always evolve, think and fix.

So I took a risk in 2018 started my own social media and web design company Sky High Marketing. Web design actually came by accident. A client of mine asked me if i knew anything about web design and than from there connected me with their web designer so I could learn how to design, run and manage their site and the rest is history. I pride myself of being a understudy, self taught and sponge of knowledge. Their is nothing more rewarding that being an apprentice. After i gained the confidence and skill I began designing websites and managing social media accounts. After opening my business Sky High Marketing in January 2018 I had lots of success with restaurants and creative artists. Navigating the analytics and algorithm in conjunction with creative engaging content For social media platforms helped clients increase their profitability and visibility. I’ve had the honor and pleasure of designing websites for some amazing individuals and businesses.

Since then I’ve added onto my Journey

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Intuitive’s Unite

The man Who Started it all…

My favorite person in the whole world…..

My Mentor

My Mentor

I grew up on Cape Cod. A little town called West Yarmouth. My grandparents were my world, the ocean was my guide, and the wind through my sail guided me to where I currently reside in Western Massachusetts. I’ve been around entrepreneurs my whole life. My grandpa started his own business as a cabinetmaker which is still run by my uncle today almost 50 years later. I remember a conversation I had with my grandfather one night while I stayed with them to help take care of him after his dementia diagnosis. I was 22 in a dead end job, no GED nothing. He said to me, “lisie, what are you doing with yourself?” “Life is to short to be spinning in circles".” When I realized the endless opportunities that I had. I left the next week and moved back to my home here in Western Massachusetts.

Whats next…

My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Inspiring and spreading Entrepreneurs messages are one of the main reasons I started my podcast. So it was only natural that I move into coaching people. I love the feeling I get from a client leaving the meeting smiling ear to ear and thanking me because someone finally listened and understood them. I help support and guide you along your journey with a open mind along with carefully crafted strategies to help support your business and life. I’m honored to be able to share this supportive partnership with you! If your ready to start living your true life’s purpose visit the link below!

“The Creative Intuitive”

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