The Creative Intuitive

My Journey

The unconventional Entrepreneur..

My why?

I do this for the dreamer for you, the visionary for you, the entrepreneur who has been told no over and over again. I want to inspire your confidence and inspire you to take ahold of your dreams and not allow others negativity and hate to overwhelm your passion, skills and knowledge. You are beautiful, unique and are exactly where you need to be. I remind you that all the hard work and pain is worth what’s coming!

My favorite person in the whole world…..

My Mentor

My Mentor

I grew up on Cape Cod. A little town called West Yarmouth. My grandparents were my world, the ocean was my guide, and the wind through my sail guided me to where I currently reside in Western Massachusetts. I’ve been around entrepreneurs my whole life. My grandpa started his own business as a cabinetmaker which is still run by my uncle today almost 50 years later. My mother started a business when I was 13. A Bed and Breakfast nestled in the foothills of the berkshires. This peaked my interest in being able to run my own business one day. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry, hospitality industry and have almost 10 years in the health care industry. Being a CNA and working first hand with end of life and Dementia patients taught me the true value of patience and meaning of listening and empathy. After years of experiencing strong feelings of empathy and intuition I realized that my soul was not missing my true purpose. I had almost 8 years of experience helping my mother run her business and using social media to do this.. When I realized the endless opportunities that social media posed and how amazing it was to use it finally clicked. I can build a business helping people manage their social media pages and build them their dream website. Some people find social media complicated.. To me it just came naturally.. Like my creativity and intuition. Whether that be because of my love of solving problems, helping others and being my own apprentice.. Either way I was able to express my creativity and intuition to produce content that was making people engage and that’s how my local business Sky High Marketing was born. So it was only natural that I progressed into the Creative Intuitive. Helping people discover or more specifically, uncover what already lies within them. You have the tools you have the confidence you just need that little push to realize your worth and skills. I believe in you!

My Inspiration

My Inspiration

After opening my business Sky High Marketing in January 2018 I had lots of success with restaurants and creative artists. Navigating the analytics and algorithm in conjunction with creative engaging content For social media platforms. I’ve had the honor and pleasure of designing websites for some amazing individuals and businesses. After I got married a year later my son was born and after another year of Postpartum I really began to consider this as a career..

Inspiring and spreading Entrepreneurs messages are one of the main reasons I started my podcast. So it was only natural that I move into coaching people. I love the feeling I get from a client leaving the meeting smiling ear to ear and thanking me because someone finally listened and understood them. I help support and guide you along your journey with a open mind along with carefully crafted strategies to help support your business and life. I’m honored to be able to share this supportive partnership with you! If your ready to start living your true life’s purpose visit the link below!

“The Creative Intuitive”

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Can anyone really be an expert?

What qualifies someone as an expert? Is it the years of experience, late nights, early mornings? Or is it the relevancy of right now? Being an expert is a cliche to certain professions. For social media its a little different, considering the constantly changing methods and algorithim its impossible for anyone to be an expert in this industry. However being up to date and fluent in your skills to navigate through the Mistakes and pitfalls makes you a honest and transparent strategist.