Day 29 " Beliefs & words to live by"

Day 29 of the 31 day challenge and I come to realize.. It has been a long weekend! I actually had to go back and fix the graphics from Saturday and Sunday because i kept the same title as day 26

LOL must of been a long weekend.. Not sure how I missed that one!! oh well. New week. New Focus.. Must of been preoccupied with my dad who is up visiting. Who I haven’t seen in almost a year. So this brings us to Monday. “manic monday” as some people would call it.. I did my Magic mornings as Steven Kuhn would call them. Yoga, meditation and listened to Gary Vee’s podcast while i went for a cold rainy October brisk walk. I feel on fire!!

So todays challenge asks..

What words or beliefs do you want to live your life by?

This is a great question!

Consistency, being present, focused and of course driven.. We can all get wrapped up in the pace of life and forget little things.. Like me.. (change the title images for my graphics) something so small but so impactful especially to my followers who go WTH? Take time out of your day to be more aware of the content your creating. Check your grammar, spelling and of course all details. Be proactive in showing up to be the best version of yourself everyday!

Words and beliefs I want to live by?

I flipped to a page in my new book I Won from Connected Growth Coaching:

“Be open to being cracked open. Wide open.”

This page number 62 of the book titled “Light Is The New Black” by Rebecca Campbell is so inspiring! I found this sentence and this belief and words… To penetrate my soul. I am learning to love myself more each day with every challenge.. Also allowing myself to crack open and let more light in! I am more open to being brought out of my comfort zone.. I need to allow this because in order to obtain my goals.. I need to get uncomfortable and surrender to outside influences and forces! Good and bad! Because its ok to fail and its ok to hear “No”. Because all those No’s will eventually lead to a yes!

What belief and or words do you want to live your life by?