Day 22 Self Love "Relinquishing the bad"

Hey there friends.. I know this has been a long challenge.. How have you stayed committed? Daily reminders like an alarm on your phone can help keep you accountable. Me. I use 3 methods..

What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself_.png
  1. Set Alarm (with a friendly reminder)

  2. Schedule (plan ahead)

  3. Mindfulness (meditation, gentle mental reminders)

Bad habits can keep you committed to doing the wrong things.. We all struggle with something that is not a true representation of our highest good. Whether that be, eating junk food before bedtime, having one too many drinks, staying up past a reasonable bed time, most importantly over-thinking.

Todays challenge is:

What things make you feel bad, but you find yourself doing them anyways?

Me.. Telling myself that I am going to wake up every morning to do yoga, but sometimes don’t and make excuses like; “i’m too tired”, “ I have too many things to get done”, And each time I do this, I get further and further away from my goal. So implementing the 3 methods I listed above have helped me tremendously. Let’s be honest, its not always easy juggling being a mom, wife, friend and entrepreneur. However, I am exactly where i need to be.