Day 12 Self Love

Its Day 12!!!!

We are almost haft way through the 31 day self love challenge!! Can you believe it?

Nope me either!! what have you learned thus far? Are you beginning to peel back some of those layers of shame, guilt, self conscious thoughts? Did we make it to the inner layer of who you really are behind all that prejudgement from others..

Learning to love what makes you happy is apart of the journey of “Self Love”. Becoming in touch with the darkest parts of yourself to shine light on them to heal is all part of the process of learning to love you. Yes LOVE YOU!!!

My grandfather use to say, “Stop pissing in your pocket”. I never really understood what that truly meant until after he passed. In simple terms it means; Don’t get so wrapped up in your own head that your literally are filling yourself up with false pretenses and lies about who you are.

Basically get out of your head and out of your own way!

What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself_.png

What makes me happy?

My son, husband, cat and of course my beautiful golden retriever “Simba”. (yes after the lion king) LOL

So what makes you happy to be alive?