Day 11 Self Love "Dragonfly"

Day 11 is all about…..

“Expressing yourself in a loving way to strangers…

I don’t mean in a physical way either…

Expressing your values, self worth, adaptability, qualities, all the parts of yourself that make you approachable. Meaning those seek you out to help with their specific problem related to your niche. Intuitively expressing whats really genuine about your personality sets the chords in motion for deep connection.. Making you in turn relatable. Being Authentic and transparent are two important character traits. Take those two values and sink them into your soul.. Ask yourself this….

“Are you willing to rise out of the turbulent waters of self doubt to shine the vibrant colors of your soul?”

Fun Fact

The dragonfly was known by the Maya as the “Goddess of creativity”

Photo by Chris D'Agorne/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Chris D'Agorne/iStock / Getty Images