Mindset Thursday's "Your Strength Is Your Own Knowledge"

You are a force of power!!

You are a force of power!!

“Believe” or “Stay Strong”

Words of encouragement can come from signs from the universe, close friends, loved ones, ETC.

Either way the focus for this blog post is to remind you that:

“Your Strength Is Your Own Knowledge”

Literally this idea came to me from the Yogi Tea bag LOL

You may be in a time period within your life where your feeling like you have no power or you may have disconnected. The universes has a funny way of putting things in front of you that you need to see.

Sometimes we miss the signs. Because of our own blocks within us. Think about it this way:

We are all made up of energy and when things become overwhelming or experiencing a lot of emotions things can become unbalanced and within that blocks can get created. Its had when your emotional and vulnerable to want to scratch at the surface. The wounds are fresh, you still feel that sense of betray or maybe even upset with yourself because of missed opportunities.

Whatever that is causing you to feel like you’ve lost your power connect with that.

Yes its uncomfortable!


How do you expect to accomplish dreams or grow if your stuck within the same cycle of doubt, fear and unbalanced emotions. Think about how the way the world works.

The Earth spins on its axis which is balanced by the rotation of planets, gravitational pull provided and of DON”T forget the moon.

People tend to forget how important the moon is!

Many traditions work with the phases of the moon. For example the New moon is arriving March 6th.

Make a list of Pro’s and Con’s

That way its easier to determine truly what is in alignment with who you are and where your trying to go.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to really go within.

Don’t Just scratch the surface.

Truly deeply connect with what it is you believe in. Pay attention to how you apply your own knowledge to strengthen your connections with not only yourself but with others as well.

The New Moon represents:

A fresh start, time of retreat — a time when you can regain your strength to begin again!

My hope for you is that you allow all that doesn’t serve you anymore to be shed and when you awake after this new moon. I hope that the strength you had that you still have will run through your energy system again like the wild horse across the great open plain of opportunities.

Check out this amazing short yet powerful meditation video!

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