Want to reach growth? “Transform the ego”

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The natural way to operate is from the conscious. Most of us do this. But in order for growth and expansion of our self. It’s important that we learn how to use and connect with our subconscious in order to connect with:

“our INtuitiOn”

Yes the part that forewarned you of impending changes. The inner knowing of what’s to come or has already past. Heed the warnings.. Listen to your inner self. This is the part that speaks your truth.

In order to grow and become more connected to others, the universe and the higher collective power we must begin on the inside!

I most recently watched this amazing video explaining how we actually have two brains! Makes sense!!

Where do you think the expression listen to your gut came from!!

If you knew how much better you could feel after you made the effort to change.. Wouldn’t you want to start right away?

Believing you can overcome anything comes in tests, challenges and of course acceptance. Choose to accept that most things are out of your control unless you take action and make a honest effort. You can have the best intentions and wishes. However, if you don’t put in the work there can be no momentum, and therefore no change.