Soulspirtation Sunday's "Disconnect the device"

Think about the device you are using right now. This is the power to create in your hands or at the mercy of your fingertips, you have access to amazing things. My Iphone 8 is just like a computer. 99% of my work can be accomplished using my phone. Technology has advanced so much especially within the last 30 years.

Bring your thoughts to center and think of other ways you can create. We are so reliant upon tech to support us through our daily lives.


  • 3.5 billion searches per day on Google

  • 2.2 billion monthly users monthy on Facebook

  • 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram

  • 336 million monthly users on Twitter

    These numbers grow everyday!

Its astounding how much time people spend on their devices. I think time limits are extremely important because of the side effects of over exposure to your devices.

My medicine for your on this Soulspiration Sunday is put down your phone and adventure out into nature.

Some fun things to do next time you decide to go for a nature walk:

  1. Ditch that cell phone for a old school Polaroid camera

  2. Bring a native plant book to identify plants

  3. Don’t forget the bug spray

  4. Bring a blanket for a nature meditation session

  5. Relax and listen

Feeling inspired good here are some more fun ways to make the most out of your next nature adventure!!

Nature walk activities

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