Mindset "Expand Your Vision"

I’ve been thinking the last few months about expanding my vision. Meaning, how I want to see my business and brand evolve. There has been no time limit or rush to get things accomplished. I knew that being just a web designer and social media marketer was only going to satisfy me for so long.. There was always going to be that push to build my business into something bigger, something with a further reach and a deeper meaning. Don’t get me wrong the money was amazing almost grossing 2,000 a month at my peak. But there is just something off, something is missing. So when I started really listening to podcasts it dawned on me.. I could really do this!

Than the mind drama set in:

But how?

What is my show gonna be called?

What am I going to talk about?

So many questions and so much FEAR!!

That was it I can’t do it. ERRRRR WRONG!!!

after listening to a few of my favorite podcasts and getting some advice from some very sucessful business men and women I finally made the decision.. I gave myself a two month deadline. To come up with content, a script for the intro and outro, I read every article I could find about how to build, manage and interview guest if I decided to bring them on.. Etc. Etc.

After my 2 months were up I still wasn’t ready. I found Anchor FM A one stop shop to build, record and distribute! Perfect right? Duh of course it was! But I was the problem. I was scared, nervous, unsure and completely not prepared. I had a haft album art I had created on Canva and a semi put together script and first 3 episode topics. Completely not ready!

But I did it I recorded my first episode where I talk about who I am, how I got started and what my plans for the podcast was.. PHEW

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one night and came across one of my favorite profiles. He was a rapper country soul artist from Jacksonville Florida. I had been following him for the last two years now. Than it dawned on me….. I SHOULD INTERVIEW HIM!!!!

Of course how could I not have seen it. Im an Entrepreneur just starting out and what better way to support another entrepreneur than to give them the opportunity to tell their journey and maybe also help someone out who is aspiring to do what they are doing as well.

Michael Schreiber

Now my podcast has featured some amazing people and is continuing to grow. I have also started offering coaching.

I want you to know that just because you see yourself doing one thing does’t mean thats going to be it. Live and do all the things your heart, soul and mind wants. You are here to shine your light! Don’t allow others or even yourself to dim your light. Work hard and keep trying. Its rare to get it right on the first try!

I believe in you!

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