Soulspiration Sunday “Love Yourself”

Love yourself…

Easier said than done.

Imagine shifting your consciousness to truly embrace the hardest part of our life we try to attain. “Self love.” Something that for some will never truly be attainable. Either because of their lack of self awareness or their blatant disregard for “reading between the lines” and “seeing the signs.” The universe will send you gentle reminders of when to intake something more or shed a self limiting belief or habit. This can manifest in physical form or symbolic form. Which most people refer to as serendipity or synchronicity.

What ever you believe there’s no denying the karmatic forces at play.

“Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

Many times we forget this rule of thumb. I’m guilty of this too! I caught myself today judging someone because of their appearance. This is what we have been taught in our society. Tear down everyone so you feel better. Claw your way to the top.


My message for you today:

Stop trying to be something your not.

Admit you are not perfect. Focus on things that matter to you and manifest your positive mindset into your everyday life.

Open a door, greet a stranger and give back. You never know how important a small gesture of kindness can mean to someone or even your soul!