My Spirit Animal Totem.. "The Barn Owl"


My heart and soul resonates with this majestic creature. Beautiful and strong, stealthy and well thought out plans. Dominating the intuitive side of my psyche. Driven to be still and hold space with the true nature of my being.. Well rested and sharpening my senses, I come into my life’s purpose with an open heart and mind. Focused more of the journey and pre destined with the fate. breath life back into this earth which has been thrusted off its axis. We as humans are one and are of the same life giving light. The infinite gift of learning to love, trust and believe there is magic in all of us. Each unique in our own ways.. On this Sunday the last day of the September lets all remember to harvest the fruits of our labor and make space for the reflection time of fall in winter as they take their place. You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are unique and most of all everything has its place and time, and your right where you need to be.

The Creative Intuitive

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