Self Doubt

Happy Wednesday everyone. We are in the mid-week phase of September the 26th. What are you feeling today? Have you been struggling with certain emotions and setbacks? Are you having some Dark emotions plaguing your psyche?….

One big Negative thought that can affect us on an emotional and even a physical level is….



What kind of feelings were brought up to the surface when you read those last two words?

Anxiety? Fear?

Emotions can cause HAVOC if we let them.. I actually experienced some of this today..

I was driven to go for a walk today in the town that I have an office space in. I ventured across the Bridge of flowers to enjoy the last moments of beauty and color before the changing season takes its course. As I walked note book in hand i felt the overwhelming feeling of “Self Doubt”..

The questions began to flood in and I was inclined to sit down on Bridge street and start writing… Something I’ve been putting off for some time. Yes I write social media posts its part of my job. But this is different.. This is writing for myself, my soul and my heart.

Poetry has always helped my through my darkest times and once I allowed my creativity and intuition to create words on the page I am alive, I am full. So as i sat down on the bench watching the chickadees feed on the leftover seeds on the curbside and the passing people. My pen hit the page like a ton of bricks, like this has been dying to come out, like I’ve restrained my self for so long. My subconscious thoughts spilled out on to the page filling each line with emotions I have refused to accept or articulate. Its funny how a pen and paper can unleash such things. The energy of my being ignited with so much relief I almost started crying! But how weird would that look to oncoming strangers? My body, my soul and my heart releasing these chains to make way for creative genius.


Yes its ok. It is ok to feel “Self Doubt”. Accept it, recognize it and release it out into the universe. Shed the feeling to make way for more positive alignments. Remember that life is a journey, we are human, we have emotions, we feel and most of all.. Your flaws make you stronger. So you can be brave enough and free to overcome anything..

I’ve included one of the poems I wrote today… Enjoy and be spread love and light..

Divinity Of Your Time

Divinity of your time, essence of your being

time realized in a moment, so fleeting

wither away devoured by the season

changing colors, smells and visions

see things clearer, easier said than done

begin where i started, so far from where i’ve come

vicious words like a silver blade

double edge sword slice through

words destined to come

savor this moment, or let it pass by

guess you will never know til you try

words spoken by many but lost to you

the one who welcomes the depths of your soul

unwind and become Untethered

a plea for help or just a masked parade

dancing thoughts buried deep down within this frame

frame of mind, its all the same

distant to some, but enraptured in the flame

dancing light shining through parts of my psyche

would rather keep quiet

but no matter how many times I run from there

I always find my way back from here