Soulspiration Sunday “Reconnect With Nature”

Are the winter blues getting you down?

Are bills, or relationships weighing you down?

Hey! Over here 👈🏻 yes I understand what your going through. I am experiencing a wide variety of stress and sometimes anxiety. But I wanted to write today’s blog post to remind you that we can disconnect to reconnect.


What does she mean?


Let me explain. Sometimes we need to remove ourselves. Yes literally get in a car, walk, leave, drive until you find the closest beautiful destination that screams:

“NATURE”!!! Leave your problems at the snowy pathway or beautiful meadow entrance.

No matter where you are located in the world there will be a place for you to disconnect to reconnect. Unless however your in the frozen tundra or you just don’t like being cold or hot, In that case try bringing the nature to you. Plants are also a nice way to reconnect with nature. Certain houseplants like “pathos” or “ivy” are known for cleansing the air! Take advantage of all the beautiful things that nature has to offer.


We need to reset. That means leave the cell phone 📲 unless your only going to use it to capture a beautiful scenery. 😀 Which than I encourage. But turn your WiFi and cell service off. Go rogue.

“Operation reconnect with nature”

Map out some areas that are less likely to be full of tourists and people secluded areas are good. Have a dog? Even better. Sometimes it’s nice to have a friend. Make sure that friend is in tune with the mission!

No distractions!

Here are some steps to help you stay focused and committed:

  1. make the commitment (stick to it)

  2. Create the time (schedule)

  3. Find a quiet place (no high traffic)

  4. Walk or meditate (which ever works)

  5. Relax and stay observant

  6. Communicate (how are you feeling)

  7. Connect (become one with the trees etc)

Please find the time for self love you guys!

Nature helps us become more in tune and aligned.

You might be surprised by what you find!


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