Brand Affiliates, Connection!

Where are you marketing your brand or business?

This question alone can intimidate any newly formed brand or business. Think about the intensity in that question and what comes up especially if you are intuitive. Whats the first order of business? Do you just start talking to anyone who is gonna listen? Of course you could do that, but why waste your time talking blindly. Learning how to target in on your ideal audience is crucial to attract partnerships or potential investors and of course my favorite “Brand Affiliates.”

Whats a brand affiliate?

Well, explains it in full detail check out their Article You think that social media would be the least likely place to form interpersonal connections.. Wrong.. I have found that platforms like "Zoom” and even instagram lives make way for bringing human nature into the digital world. Some of my greatest relationships I am currently forming were brought about through Instagram and Facebook.

Take the risk and try it.

Sit down tonight and type out a pitch.


Think about who it is you’re wanting to reach out to. Make sure to compliment them and explain what makes you want to connect. Most brands have the option to become a brand affiliate in their websites. Ensuring that the relationship compliments both parties is extremely important. Find your similarities and monetize. There is nothing better than supporting and helping one another to grow and expand. Brand message is important. I enjoy collaborating with brands that raise awareness and give back. One brand I just recently partnered with is SLYK Shades! Josh Fitzmaurice is an amazing Entrepreneur. He designs mission based eyewear and other products. Raising awareness for mental health and each pair of sunglasses goes to planting a tree. Josh was also on my podcast this weekend! Check out the episode

Building your tribe takes time, patience and due diligence. The focus and drive to continue to expand and build your own community is more appealing that a get rich quick scheme. Focus in on the things that are important to you. You are responsible for your happiness and future. Don’t allow others to dictate how you make decisions.


Make sure that if you are using Instagram think of your “Bio” as your digital business card. Why? Because it is!! Use descriptive words. I like to add in # Hashtags to connect my brand with other like minded individuals. Most importantly if you want to make the most out of your link… Sign up for Link Tree Amazing for driving traffic to right where you need it! Even Entrepreneur uses Link Tree on their Instagram Profile.

Fun Fun Fun! You got this! Soon enough your gonna be a social media connoisseur!

Saturday is “LifeStyle Day” So I always post about lifestyle. This could be anything related to mind, body or spirit. I was able to get out into nature and take some amazing pictures of Slyk Shades products. All because we have now developed a relationship all from me reaching out and shedding the fear to take the risk.

My final message for you today:

Be yourself and be confident in your skills and things will fall into place. There is no change without ACTION.


Creative Intuitive