Soulspiration Sundays "Creating affirmations"

Its Soulspirtation Sunday’s as I like to call them.. A day for reflection from the long week and a time to relax and work on soul, self love in be inspired by what may come up.. What do Sundays mean to you.. Do you got to church, Go for a hike, do some deep meditation?

Living a well balanced life means making some Martha Stewart “dutch baby pancakes” and making a super healthy shake made with Abbonne chocolate protein.. Did I mention it tastes like some frozen yogurt treat I get from Tutti Frutti (Don’t worry I will include the recipe!)

What daily affirmations do you use when creating the mindset you want?

Start with this affirmation and build from there. Set aside time for a “Magic Morning” as Steven Kuhn would call them. Meditation, Exercise. journaling or some E-book or regular book that will teach and expand your ever growing knowledge.. You are a force to be reckoned with you are part of this new movement of young or old growing and inspiring entrepreneurs.

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Balancing your negative self limiting beliefs can be a struggle and we touched a lot on that with the 31 days of self love challenge.. Is there ever going to be a day where there is no stress?.. Honestly no.. and if you think life is going to go smoothy or perfect, than I think you’ve missed the message.. Life is suppose to challenge you, that is how we learn to acquire coping skills to handle the over boiled pasta mess of a stove we call life..

Going into November we should be mindful of what we are grateful for.. This is the month of appreciating all we have in our lives, no matter how big or small. You could be negative in your bank account because of the scarcity of your thoughts. “I am broke, I don’t have enough to get by”. Those scarcity thoughts generate the vicious cycle of calling in what you don’t want versus what you actually could and can have.. A simple change in how you word things can make all the difference and than followed with intentional actions.. Like instead of saying “I don’t have enough” You could say, “I will have enough this month because I am making positive changes”. Instead of blaming others for your lack of happiness, increase this by making a list of “Pro’s & Con’s”.

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Tutti frutti shake:

Frozen Fruit salad blend, blueberry, grape, peaches, pineapple, red grapes kiwi

2 scoops of vanilla yogurt

1 scoop chocolate Arbonne protein chocolate powder

1 1/2 to 2 cups of peach juice

(or whatever juice, Coconut milk, almond milk)

Blend and enjoy!!