Making the most of “Social Media”


Are you a brand or business? No matter your professional title or position we all know where our society is heading.

Yes social media takeover!!!

Everyday billons yes billons of people use social media. Whether that’s for their business or personal or cultural, social injustice use. Social media has given individuals a voice who once didn’t have one. Some use it to spread their message others use it to help. There’s so many ways to manipulate or effectively use social media.

My message to you today is how are you using social media?

Do you use it to advertise and market your business?

If so, which platforms do you prefer?

This is all dependent on how your strategy is being mapped out and whether your using social media to write, video and reach your audience just with audio. We know that video and imagery has exploded onto the social media scene. This allows information to be sent to the consumer at a much high level. One click and the message is sent. One view and message is consumed. One share and than the wheels have been set in motion. Some ideas may not have a effect like others. That’s why it’s important to determine:

who is your audience?

What is their problem?

How can you offer a solution?

what content are you producing?

Which platform will work best?

How do i know what social platform with work?

Trial and error is a massive part of discovering a content strategy as well as a posting schedule. Facebook has an amazing insight section to keep track of your engagement and overall analytics. Another great tip is create a Facebook pixel! This pixel will keep track of source of traffic and the time of day your profile is most active. You can also have multiple pixels in Facebook business manager to keep track of other business accounts! Which is huge especially if your a business who needs this information to grow and optimize.

Check out this link below to set up your pixel today! Facebook pixel