Day 7 Self Love

Welcome to your first week down!!! TOUCH DOWN!!!

LOL must be in the football spirit!

What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself_.png

Todays part of the 31 day challenge is a hard reality for some of us. Especially if we struggle with self limiting beliefs that cause us to think negatively about our body and personality. Once we are awakened with the realization that we are unique for a reason.. Only than will we be able to shake off the iced over exterior.

Learn to get out of your own way. write down a list of positive only things about your body and personality. Place this list somewhere you will be able to access it with ease. Gentle reminders when desired help with the acceptance aspect of our psyche. Believing in yourself makes all the difference when your actually making the intention and acting upon it.

What do I love about my body and personality:

I love my hands, even though I suffer from skin issues which cause my hands to crack & peel. I know that these hands created this beautiful message for you today. I love that my personality can be a little overbearing. However, with the right framework, My personality gives me the determination, passion and drive to become who I was meant to be.