Mindset Thursdays "Postpartum"

We hear coaches, mentors, influencers and teachers talk about the meaning of “mindset”. A self limiting mindset, negative mindset, positive mindset and so on…

What does mindset really truly mean? Mindset article


I guess that all depends on the circumstances, situation and stage you are in with your career or personal life.. Most people struggle with a limited mindset because they have been use to the self limiting beliefs they placed upon themselves.. Yes they are responsible for their own set backs, and so are you and even myself. I am guilty of limiting myself with my mindset.. Whether that be from a long week of running after my almost 2 year old, juggling building my business and being a good wife. This can lead to a over exerted mind. Leading to negative thoughts and even depression.

I remember just after I had my son i started to get postpartum depression. There was most days I didn’t want to get out of bed let alone take a shower. Yes complete disaster and I felt so alone. I remember filling out the forms at the doctors office for one of his monthly checkups. Each time you went they would give the parents a questioner. Filled with all kinds of personal questions, including. “Do you find yourself secluding yourself or becoming angry out of the blue?.. What nerve they had to push these questions on a new mom barley sleeping, showering and eating.. Of course I get mad, of course i get sad. Its overwhelming being a new mom!! I Could be 100% with the doctors, my husband even close friends.

So after my son turned 14 months, I began to feel the weight and fog of the depression start to lift off and I could start to see things clearly again. This clarity began as I made the decision to start my own business. Most woman can’t make it past the postpartum stage.. Either because they are too scared to tell anyone.. or they just can’t shake it.. I didn’t tell the doctors because I was fearful of them getting child family services involved when as a child I had already experienced that and I was damned if I let those people into my life. Call me old fashioned, but I needed to do this on my own.


I remember the turning point when I became me again.. I had a dream about my Grandfather.. (who is featured in one of my other blog posts) He was the guiding light for me through any storm. In the dream we were sitting on a bench talking and catching up.. he said “Lisie I am so proud of you, Don’t give up.” After I woke up I knew what needed to be done.. Get up take a shower, wash the hell of the last 12 months off my face and soul and make the best of what I have. Two days later I got my business certificate and created a DBA for my business.

I can’t say its gonna be the same for you.. I can’t clinically diagnose you, I am not a doctor. But I can say this, know that no matter how dark things get, There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Be brave and be fearless in the pursuit of your happiness. Believe in the future, flip the bird to the past and be proactive in your daily lives. Inspire, love, thank and most of all just be your self!!!!!


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