Soulspiration Sunday's Social Media Marketing & Advertising

It seems like within the last 3 to 4 years social media marketing has really exploded on to the scene. There has been so many “Scammers” and there has also been some good teachers like Billy Gene for example. A young entrepreneur who built his company up into an amazing empire based out of LA. Successfully growing and scaling other business by creating engaging content along with the magic of persuasive writing. Imagine a room full of adults waiting for a new product to drop. Billy would be that new innovative product. How does he do it? He has taken “Time.” Yes like any good entrepreneur they literally eat, sleep and breath their work.


Knowing how to target your audience without falling into the deep space of advertising is a process. A lot of trial and error. Thats why I love hearing a Seth Godin podcast or gaining important insight from reading one of his books “Be a Purple Cow.” Some have figured out what advertisements work and which ones don’t. However with the changing algorithims and mass interest shifting to the next best thing it’s hard to stay dedicated to one approach. Being aware that Marketing and Advertising are two different entities could solve the crisis but what ultimately keeps the successful wheel of; idea, content creation, targeting and client steady. So many factors and functionalities come into play. How can I write engaging content if in 5 minutes someone is gonna come along and share the same idea and notion. Frustrating to say the least and down right exhausting. Learning and acknowledging that you’re not always gonna make your mark but you will always have an impact. You may not always reach 1,000 or even a 100,000 people and its ok.

Marketing Vs Advertising:

Marketing is the complex planning stage where research meets the development of strategic content and media. For example; Reaching out to potential clients or collaborators by inquiring about their interest, needs and expectations. Advertising is the actual implementation of your plan, content and research, The physical manifestation is Ads. For example; designing a promo video for a ski resort to engage customers to want to get away for a day and Ski. What is it thats in that video? How is it going to get them to take action? 9 times out of 10 its; persuasive writing, good acting and the golden egg? Placement and targeting your audience. Advertising is also the most expensive part of the process. Knowing how to create a good budget and balance the benefits of organic reach and paid reach is extremely helpful and imperative in being a good marketer.

Just keep creating and releasing the content you believe in. Theres much more at stake if you don’t If I relied on how others perceived me I would still be in a 7-3 nursing shift giving up on my dreams. Not saying there is anything wrong with being a nurse, for me it was just a temporary stop on my journey through entrepreneurship. Which I am enterally grateful for because I learned so much like, empathy. patience, responsibility and most of all compassion. All these values I incorporate into my coaching, blog and podcast. This brings me to: “BE UNIQUE”

This is how you stand alone, be the “Purple Cow.”

Seth Godin said on a podcast last week;

“There are selfish marketers & there are Hesitant marketers”

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This is true a lot of marketers are scammers and sharks. Always marketing at the customer and never to the customer. What is the difference? Simple LACK OF PRACTICAL EMPATHY

“I don’t know what you know and i’m ok with that and you don’t know what I know and i’m fine with that too,” Rather than bullying the potential prospect, why not understand them and find a even level of being practical to effectively serve them. Market with purpose and intent not greed and gain.

Theres no need to hype up your content. Create and produce your media or content to your intended listeners. Unless you need that kind of paradigm and reach. We are not sheep and we are not herds, we are unique individuals with, needs, desires and wishes. Take into account the millions of people who are in the same boat as you. What is the one thing you could do to help raise up their self esteem, their, wisdom and most of all their knowledge..