Mindset "Be Resilient"

Its Mindset Thursday!


Today i was inspired by standing in my kitchen.

HA ya to clean an organize it..

No I’m kidding or am I.


I have been observing this tree thats out in a field across from my kitchen window. Let me break down the scenery… I live nestled in foothills of the Berkshires. For those of you who don’t know, Berkshires consist of country landscapes and beautiful mountains located in the western part of Massachusetts. The mountain range is also apart of the Appalachians.

I am located in the Pioneer valley right near beautiful Shelburne Falls which borders Hampshire and Berkshire county. So when you think about being able to look out your windows and see beautiful Ash Trees, Oaks and Pines that stretch almost to the Heavens, it’s breath taking to say the least. This rich fertile landscape has been apart of haft of my life almost 17 years now.

Ok .. Ok.. I think you get it now.


I could go on for hours about how resilient the landscape is. However my focus today is these five leaves that are still swaying in the wind across the way from my house. For the last three months since Fall I watched all the leaves fall from the surrounding trees and even from the one I am talking about.

How can these Five leave survive all this crazy weather we have had?

Snow, rain, hurricane force winds.

Why are these last five leaves still hanging on?

What purpose are they serving the tree or themselves?

They changed color and then the next course of their path is to fall to their resting place on the forest floor. Days, weeks and months have passed and nothing has made these fragile leaves fly away.

Journaling Exercise

My message for you today is to imagine the five leaves as five strong values or beliefs that define you.

Then think of yourself as the tree.

What is it about the Tree or you that keeps those five leaves still holding their ground even through the toughest of storms

How can you become stronger and more resilient to the outside forces at play?

How can you be more like the five leaves swaying in the wind standing their ground?

Do the five words you chose to represent the leaves define the five strong values of yourself?

How can you learn to become stronger from within?

How can you become more resilient?