Day 25 "Your Niche"

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Hey there friends I am so excited about today because todays challenge highlights things you are really good at! This could be your “niche” or maybe just a hobby you like to do. Being able to run a 10K or maybe even draw or paint. Maybe your a singer and you can sing like Whitney Houston!

Whatever it is that your good at I want you to really sync yourself into that mindset today.. How can you incorporate more of what it is that your good at into your personal life of business.. What qualities of whatever your good at makes you feel good and boost that self esteem and…..


Believe in your talents and become familiar with them and make it a point or better yet make it a habit to proactively do.. Yes set aside time each day or week or month to really dedicate to your talents, hobbies or qualities. Don’t be afraid or nervous to take those talents out into a public forum. You never know who could benefit from the gifts you have. Remember its all about connecting and building and loving yourself!


So what am I really really good at? Hmm… Well if i had to narrow it down… It would be photography. I love capturing the beauty of things.. I also incorporate that into my local business.. Sky High Marketing..


elise skibik