Are you doing the “Journey Work?”

If you are a business or brand making a difference in the world please join!

If you are a business or brand making a difference in the world please join!

Knowing our direction in life and being one with the values and beliefs we have will help guide us to our true path and purpose.

The last 3 months I’ve been embarking on a spiritual journey. I have been embracing my spiritual gifts. To better understand my self and unconditionally accept others.

Spiritual Gifts what are those?

Well for those who have embraced the spiritual side of their consciousness will understand the process. We all have “Intuition” this is natural. Have you ever felt that deja vu feeling? How about goose bumps or a undeniable sense of knowing something? Yes this is your intuition. The knowing. Someone of us have lost this unknown sense. In society we are taught that these feelings can not be trusted and are not true. In some circumstances this is true. Especially if you are operating from the “Ego.”

However, when you operate from your heart center this is where truth will present itself. The ego doesn’t want you to explore the truth. Your ego wants to keep you on the most easy accessible path. Which unfortunately keeps you on the carousel of doubt and self limiting beliefs. Finding that space where you can become in tuned with your soul is the first step to using your new found awareness.

Some people call this “awakening.” Have you been being drawn to explore yourself or life on a new profoundly deep solar plexus journey? Have you opened up your chakra’s to receive this love and healing? Today I participated in a meditation session. The shaman brought us along a guided journey to open, activate and heal all seven chakra’s. (Please make sure the practitioner is experienced and trusted this is very sacred) Trusted Practitioner

In addition to opening, healing and activating my seven chakra’s we also healed our aura Shields.

What is your aura?

Your aura consists of a electromagnetic field almost like a egg shape encompassing your body, soul and mind. Vibrant in color.

This perma shield helps protect you from negative low vibration energy. Some of us have a damaged or suppressed aura due to past lives or ancestral pain and fears. So if we want to become more comfortable and attain a better version of our higher selves we need to take the time to heal these areas.

After the healing session I felt lighter, more aware and connected with one. I could feel my aura shining and vibrating at a more beautiful place. My chakras especially my third eye chakra felt wide open but clear.

My message for you today is to get to the root of who you are when you strip away all materials and other influences.

Who are you?

What is your purpose?

How can you live a life of high vibration?

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