Day 20 Self Love "Give yourself a break"

Hey Friends!!

Guess what?

Its day 20 and theres one more day and its been 21 days! Remember it takes 21 days to form a new habit! But we won’t stop there! This Challenge is meant to go for 31 days so you can really master this thing called “Self Love”.

Today is all about, “How Can you give yourself a break?”

Whether that would be mentally, physically or even emotionally! We can get wrapped up in the “Stresses” of life. Especially if your a mom like me. I have to constantly remind myself that its ok to take breaks.

YES its ok!! I have to juggle my husband going to work 5 nights a week and not being around to help with dinner, tubby time or bedtime! Its so hard sometimes especially with a teething, potty training two year old! I am sure you can understand this especially if you have a partner who works long days or nights. I also don’t have daycare. So I really don’t get a break. So like today trying to write a blog, create content for clients and still be me “super mom”. Call me crazy but I absolutely love the challenge.

Every now and than I need to take a break, and so do you!

Some ways I do this is if its nap time for my son I will take him for a car ride and listen to a podcast I have been wanting to catch up on. Or wake up and extra hour early to get in some yoga and meditation, write some music, any hobby that I love to bring some centering and balance back into my mental, emotional and physical state. SO IMPORTANT! Especially for us Mommy’s or entrepreneurs.

My message to you today is don’t forget to get in some downtime. Some YOU time!


So what can you do today to give yourself a break?

Until tomorrow, be gentle with yourselves today.

The Creative Intuitive