Soulspiration Sunday "Be the Change"

How can we create a life that we are inspired by each day? How can we wake up in the morning and live a life that satisfies us down into our souls.


Jen Knight of spirit light

You Have Purpose, You Have A Destiny

We each are born with a purpose, a destiny if you will. There is a deep raging fire that takes over once we discover what it is that we are truly passionate about. Even if you try to put out the fire of desire that burns and rages inside of you.. You truly can never snuff out your dreams and aspirations.

There will be situations out of your control or maybe created by you that can sway you away from your fire. However, it is up to you whether or not you leave the feelings of desire and passion for your souls purpose to wither away and be forgotten, Or you wake up and take advantage of pre-existing or new opportunities you may have overlooked or passed by.

My Protectors


Growing up with brothers taught me to be strong and stay guarded. Which was good but it also forced me to put aside that empathetic part of myself for a long time.

They taught me to be on guard and trust my instincts. They taught me to be independent and go after what I wanted. This became part of who I was and when I truly accepted my gifts of being an intuitive, empath and coach I knew that opening back up and being the intuitive and creative I needed to be. “My calling” embracing those gifts is where I felt most alive.


Embrace Your Gifts

I use my creativity and intuition to enhance direction with my business. I have always been an artist whether it was drawing, writing lyrics, taking pictures, even poetry. These strong attributes still work In many ways of my coaching and personal life. There are beliefs about yourself that you can use and restructure to better support you and others. You don’t have to live in the shadows. You can allow your light to shine!

Believe that you can become the alchemist of your future!

Take Action

Always remember:

Its the action that counts, the whole hearted decision to say F-it!!!

I want to be an inspirational blogger, I want to be a podcaster that inspires and features amazing entrepreneurs to maybe reach that lonely kid sitting on their bed or burnt out student or artist who is close to giving up on their dream.

What fuels your why???

Do You just need someone to believe in You, someone who can understand You on a soul based level. Not just someone who sees the outside.. its the inside that counts. Your genius thought process that may have got shut down because You couldn’t properly articulate the correct way to pitch to an influencer. Are you The inspiring entrepreneur who

got shut down because Your idea was not commercially appealing Or your ahead of your time!!

My fuel to keep the fire burning:

is to reach those kids, those future entrepreneurs!

Mentor the youth!!

Because they are the future. They are the generation that if taught well, nurtured and properly given the tools needed; they can actually make this world a better place.

The generation we live in has been forced fed all these outlandish outdated models of information that just doesn’t make sense anymore. We need to find ways to take back a failing infrastructure, over extended deficit and bring the people back together. The signs of the years of neglect is all around us. The badly polluted air, streams, rivers, oceans and land. The things that we could fix in our society will never come to light if we don’t allow the younger generation the chance to succeed.

So us as the older generation. (since I am going to be 31) Let us break the cycle! let’s no longer be lost wandering in the woods. Let’s help one another. Let’s raise each other up!

A Hope For The Future

Let us be the influence that helps heal nations, cultures and generations of bad blood. All it takes is a choice. A choice to wake up and be kind to your neighbor, pick up trash, remind people to be mindful and forgiving. I believe in everyone of you. Do you believe in yourselves? Really stop today and look into the mirror. Are you looking back at someone who is making a positive impact? If not, what ways can you start today to begin making a better impact in the life of others and yourself.

My hope for you today is to be inspired to take life and make it more loving, giving and supportive of not only your life but also for your families and friends. Thank those who you may meet or never meet. You can be the change, you can be the light to shine through the dark


The Creative Intuitive