Day 28 "Mentors"

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Welcome, Welcome I am so proud of you!! You are still here and still participating and learning and growing with more love, poise and direction.. Coming into day 28 I want your to really focus on who inspired you and who you model your morals and qualities from..


Who are your role models & what qualities do you share with them?

Are you inspired by this challenge today? We all have mentors this could be one or more people that inspire us and we share qualities and principles with. What about these mentors have helped us and guided us along our journeys. This could be in business or personal life or maybe even both. Feel the way they inspired you and harness the energy and feelings it creates within you. How can out tap into this energy when you need that little spark or push? Believe in the gifts of knowledge they have given and send appreciation out. The gift of giving is reciprocated with the return of “Law of Attraction”. What you put out is what you will receive. So be mindful with your mentors and your actions.

Who are my mentors?

My beautiful grandparents.