Kundalini "Evolutionary Energy"

What is Kundalini?

“The term kundalini is used to refer to the vital force or energy that we all hold within us. Often called the “sleeping goddess” or “serpent power”, it is represented as a serpent coiled around the first chakra or root chakra at the base of the spine.”

Many questions may arise:

How do we tap into this beautiful abundant energy that we all have within us?

How can we be ready or prepared to experience such a profound energy?

Will we see the vision or mystical state that’s claimed during higher consciousness?

Most people who awaken this energy become “re-tuned.”

There should be respect taken with this experience. How can you cope through this awakening?

  • meditation

  • healthy living

  • healthy habits

  • patience

  • be open.

Mainly this is why I became certified as a Life Coach.

I felt this strong inner connection with my Kundalini energy this past summer of 2018. I felt completely lost and emotionally unbalanced.

Once I met some amazing spiritual gifted people like Brandie Wells and Jen Knight I was able to learn more about my intuition and connection with everything.

Studying the teachings and wisdom of Deepak Chopra has also helped me through this process.

Meditation, Yoga, breathing exercises and life changes has made this transition much easier. As well as finding my Soul Family!

I am still developing my senses and abilities. My motivation is to help others during this process that’s why I started a group on Facebook called Intuitives Unite I found that connecting with my spirit animals helped me during this process as well!

Check out this amazing video from the Gaia Network.


Are you experiencing a kundalini awakening check here for the eight signs.

Once you open up to this energy please check back in with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

I would love to know the answers you found to the the following questions:

What is your purpose?

What is your Identity?

Remember this opening can unleash things we have suppressed for a long time. For me it was being abused sexually as a child, abandonment and loss. Please approach this process with respect and be prepared for the unexpected.

My main career is social media marketing and web design than, BOOM here I am reading oracle giving healing messages and life coaching.

Just Know you are never alone.

There is someone out there experiencing the same as you or has already been there.

“How can you utilize both to generate a even flow of our daily requirements and keep true to our soul and bodies necessities” - Creative Intuitive

Listening to your inner voice will help you find out what you true calling is.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.