Day 24 Self Love "Speaking Truth"

Day 24 of the 31 day challenge and we are in the last week!

What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself_ (3).png

Amazing how time fly’s by when your exploring and learning more about truly loving yourself. This challenge has hopefully allowed you to look within yourself and guide you on your path down loving yourself more! Fine tuning those limiting beliefs and bad habits is still going to take time.. But you have 24 days now under your belt so keep that momentum going!

Today is “ What is something you wish someone would say to you?”

Phew… There is so much that comes to the surface.. What about for you? I know there is one person in particular I want to hear from.. More specifically I want apology for the things that they did to me. This person is my mother. There has always been a rocky relationship between us and I am not always right and not innocent. I have always taken responsibility for my part. But for some reason I can never get an apology from my mother. She has never been the remorseful type. So I guess I can’t be surprised. I just wish she would finally let go of her “Ego” and be the mom I need and have always hoped for. This pain is stemmed all the way back to being a little girl.. Which I am actually in the process of writing a memoir!! Can’t wait to share with you guys.

So my request from you today is simple.. Is there a way that you could ask for what you need? Can you get that someone to speak their truth? You can’t make someone but you can initiate the conversation by simply asking for what you need.