Day 13 Self Love

Welcome to day 13!

What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself_.png

Today your challenge is to take a selfie… Yes right now! Doesn’t matter whats going on, crazy hair messy make-up, do it! Awesome. Now heres the hard part…. Find one thing to love about it! Now was that so hard? Yes. Because we all have a tendency to get wrapped up in the physical appearance and judge… Judge….. Look a the picture what instantly jumps out at you? Your favorite shirt, Hair, Eyes, Lips… What is your greatest feature or accessory?

For me today I posted my selfie to Instagram… I love my eyes.. Blue and captivating.

Love yourself more each day.. I promise it will get easier and become a habit. Just think 8 more days and you’ve made it to day 21, and thats how long it takes to form a new habit.. xoxoxo

elise skibik