Mindset Thursdays "Re-evaluation"

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Hey Lovelies, Lets take a minute to talk about the mindset and struggling with creating positive thoughts.

Our lives can get overwhelming especially with the holidays, family, work and even our own minds. Yes we can get so caught up in the chaos that we forget to be patient.

Have you ever found yourself questioning that new job promotion, or that gift you bought for the in-laws or maybe even that cute dress you bought for yourself.

For example I went to a thrift store last week in search for a cute inexpensive sweater dress. I found the perfect one! Long enough to go past the knee but cute enough to still rock some cute leggings and boots with. This beautiful Calvin Klein steal is pleated from the ribs down to the bottom. Solid color on top and stripped on the bottom. I knew it would fit well.

However, I have always been so afraid of embracing the girly side of myself. I grew up playing in the dirt wearing jeans. So as I put the dress on those negative feelings creeped in. “Your not a girly girl, you can’t pull this off.” I instantly took the dress off an sighed. Than yesterday I was watching a instagram live video and became aware of what I did when I tried that dress on. I was being negative.

I was allowing those self limiting belief and thoughts to dictate whether or not I wear the dress. When that epiphany came to me. I knew that I was allowing negativity to define me. No more I am becoming more and more aware of when those negative thoughts begin to surface. When I can sense them I remind myself that its not what other people think that matters, its not my negative self limiting beliefs that matter..

Do I love this dress? YES than thats the answer. WEAR THE DRESS! You look amazing!

So next time you start having negative thoughts, no matter in what situation, remind yourself that you are worthy! Believe in yourself! If you can’t set up a Consultation with me and we can work on this together.. You are not alone sister or brother.. I am here for you..