Living To Inspire Or Inspired To Live?

How do you find inspiration? Is it a song a picture maybe it’s taking time to go out into nature and enjoy the simple yet complexity of the outdoors. Do you find inspiration in challenging yourself?

My word for 2019 is perseverance!

Have you chose a word or affirmation that’s going to help you stay accountable and focused? Keep in mind that life is full of the unexpected so the best thing you can do is not allow your emotions to rule your outcome. Once we come to terms that there is going to be things that happen that we can’t control, and than and only then will there be fluidity in our life. Don’t rely on others to fuel your happiness either. This can be a common pitfall when it comes to setting an unrealistic expectation of how you should feel. You are responsible for your emotions and wellbeing not them. Not the critics, not the haters, not the ones who smile yet truly hope you fail. Know that there is someone just like you needing your support and guidance.

Last night during our writers meet-up I experienced a real break through to help keep me motivated to finishing my memoir. For those of you who don’t know; I am writing a memoir of my childhood into adult years. It consists of Child abuse, abandonment, relationships, physical abuse, addiction and so much more. The things I speak about are so much more common than we think and the AHA moment I had was after the leader of the group said “Why are you writing this book?”

My reply:

I am writing this memoir to give the ones who have experienced similar kinds of abuse and trauma a voice. I want them to be heard, be seen and most of all be loved. ok. ok ok.. No more gotta keep you guys in suspense!!

However, Check out the latest podcast I did with Brooke Woon. We talk about her book and her personal experiences along with being a trauma specialist and psychologist. check it out here


Have you asked yourself the question?

are you living to inspire or inspired to live?

Meaning are you inspiring others through your life’s purpose, business or brand or perhaps you’re just inspired by others to live.

There is nothing wrong with that.

However, are you sure you want to be influenced or are you the influencer?

Really think about how you want your impact to be defined.

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