Day 16 Self Love

Day 16!

What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself_ (1).png

We made it haft way through this 31 day challenge! Phew

How has this challenge been helping you? Are you starting to feel a mind shift in the way you love yourself? Is this shift starting to help the relationships around you? Is there anyone who you know that could benefit from this? If so extend that olive branch.

Todays challenge is, what is the most loving thing you’ve ever done for yourself. This could be as simple as changing your diet and cutting out fried and sweets, getting more exercise to benefit your body, increasing your water intake. Or more internal work with reminding to tell yourself everyday that your beautiful and you have purpose. Letting go of negative people and toxic situations. Any thing that helps you love yourself more is part of this self-love work.

The most loving thing I ever did for myself was to stop getting involved with abusive men. When I was a child I experienced a lot of trauma. My father left us when I was 5, by the age of 9 I had been sexually abused and was living in a house of physical abuse. In my teenage and young twenties I always felt that abandonment so I would hold on to any relationship good or bad and always found myself in abusive relationships. Why? Because I didn’t LOVE myself enough to know the difference between what was right and what was wrong! I was so accustom to the abuse that I correlated relationships with abuse. When I finally made the decision to leave my EX it was after our 4th and final physical altercation. I still remember this fight vividly. I packed what I could quickly and made it over to my uncles and came back home to western Mass and never looked back. That was the first step in a long 8 years of learning to love myself and change my thought process of what love really was. My hope for you or anyone who has been through similar situations is… See the signs , recognize the behavior and leave. Its not your job to help them. Especially if they are physically harming you. Know this…

You can come from trauma and make it to the light.. You can love yourself enough to let go of the things that keep you broken.

Humanity… We need more of this!

This morning we lost power and I went with my dog in my truck to access where the problem could be. We had high winds all night. When I came upon a big tree down I put my hazards on and made sure any motorist coming would be aware considering it was 3 AM and your couldn’t see much. I actually almost hit the tree. After making the necessary calls, two other motorist stopped and helped me move some limbs to make one lane. My point is…. Act with your humanity.