Soulspiration Sunday "Nourishment of the mind, body and soul"

Most days we can rush through. Other times we can tread as slowly as a tortoise. With Thanksgiving next week and Christmas closer than we think, there couldn’t be a better time to be reminded of the importance to nourish the mind, soul and body.

mind body soul

Keeping to a consistent schedule is extremely tough. This is intensified around the holiday time, so many temptations, I honestly just made 3 dozen cookies the other day!

I will admit, I’ve done well only had one per day. LOL! My two boys, not so much luck…

I was inspired to talk about the importance of nourishment, especially for the mind.

The best times to reprogram or reintroduce a new habit is with a schedule and routine that can be followed and used consistently. For instance reading for 20 minutes a day can help the brain cognitively especially doing crossword puzzles. I remember in my CNA days i use to take care of this elderly man. He had lost his sight a few years before I met him in hindsight this didn’t keep him down. For someone who went to Brown University and had an amazing sense of nobility and literature. It was no surprise that he could finish a crossword in under a hour. With the help of me of course. I am so grateful for that time, it truly expanded my mind and ways of thinking. Another way to soothe and nourish the mind is to actually quiet your mind. Yes the most hardest things to do.. The best way to truly disconnect is to go within. Some meditation or apps like “Calm” even Youtube offers some great meditation. Choose a scenery that will support this notion.

When it comes to the body we can actually deplete ourselves quicker than we think, especially running around chasing after kids, trying to meet that deadline for work. The most common thing we forget to do is to DRINK WATER! Essential for our organs and body to function and yet we forget this the most. I was reminded of this issue last week when one of my friends posted about the importance of staying hydrated.

(inner voice, “go get a glass of water”)

Motion and cardio is not only good for you, its another essential activity to stay healthy and fit. My go-to is Yoga in combination with free dance and walking. Be gentle and know your body’s limits. Be aware that feeding your body with the right foods can only help the body with the rebuilding of damaged tissues and muscles and helps support a healthy immune system.


Lastly, the soul. What is the soul, why do we have one? Questions I hear people ask all the time. How can we answer this life long question? We have a mind, body, the many systems within the body and a conscious. Yet, we stil ask the same question:

what is the souls purpose?

This can only be answered by really allowing the journey work. Yes its a journey to truly understand the souls purpose and what it calls for to be nourished with.

How can a damaged soul be nourished? Can it be?

Reflect on the following paragraph…

What sets you on fire, gets your blood pumping, makes the hairs on your neck stand up.. Take those moments and evaluate how they make you feel, not in your heart, not in your head but in your solar plexus, your core, your soul…