Soulspiration Sunday "Essence of Being"

Last week we talked about feelings & journey work..

What was your biggest take away from that blog post?

When you think about emotion and feelings does Poetry come to mind?

Inspiration and creativity can come from some of our lowest and darkest moments. I wrote this poem the night before this post got published.

To be seen to be touched is that not enough your name I speak it but do you really understand the effect it has it’s prolific. your face I see as outlines of character. so handsome. you made your mark, your target, your aim. Face to face it’s easy to see your reacting to my energy, to the essence my being. Fortunate to know you it’s easy to tell you. How my heart beats faster whenever I’m Around you. Captured, enraptured overflowing with emotion. See how a moment can measure. A length of time a second of bliss. The memory is mine to keep until a kiss pierces my lips

Of course its instinctual for me because I’ve learned to use my intuition to read between the lines and express myself with words.

Some times a picture can say a thousand words...

I love the open ended rawness. Check out my post on Instagram

When I took that picture I was at my lowest. I felt so broken. I allowed my emotions to overtake me. Legend says the reason why we cry is because our bodies can’t handle the energy so our body releases this influx in emotion by crying. Its actually a beautiful release.

What do you mean?


Being vulnerable means you have love within you. Where there is unity and compassion there is stability and potential for everlasting bliss and success. I confess this is a marathon, not a race. Don’t be surprised if you wake up tomorrow and its 10 years later. Life is not measured in time its measured by the impact and legacy we leave behind.


So are you going to be a legacy that can be talked about. Are you gonna heal your ancestral bad karma. Can you make the impact you want for the rest of time?


Be passionate about all you love and most of all:

Allow the essence of your being to shine in all that you do.

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