Day 26 "Shadow Self"

It’s day 26 of the self love challenge and we are coming up to end of our 31 days! Are you feeling more in touch with your self. Can you speak your truth now easier.. What can you say about yourself that you love? Are your relationships with others improving?

What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself_ (5).png

Todays challenge is going to really make you reach down into the darkest parts of yourself and bring out what your ashamed of and acknowledge your shadow self. Yes the parts of yourself your not proud of.. Things that question your qualities integrity and self worth..

I struggle for a long time with things that I was ashamed of. My shadow self was someone who liked to hide their emotions behind drinking and not keeping a steady job. I use to do as I pleased and didn’t think of the consequences. When I hit my rock bottom after my grandparents passed away it finally hit me.. I am not being the best version of myself and I am was letting everyone who believed in me down and myself. So when I began my journey in self discovery I began to love myself more and build a strong foundation of values.

Don’t give up on yourself. Sometimes in life we loose sight of our purpose and veer off the path we need to be on. Remember that you can come back from anything with strength and due diligence.. I believe in you..