Soulspiration Sundays "Be Brave"

So many times in our life we don’t take that leap of faith.. That risk. We watch as what we could of had turn into a dream..

An unrealized missed opportunity. Believing that we gave up that chance to better ourselves because we weren’t ready, we were inexperienced, not qualified, scared. All these things are an example of fear holding us back. Making the decision to not take action because we are afraid of the outcome.

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Who knows whats on the other side of the “Risk Door.” Could we find out paradigm our souls purpose in full bound leap of faith. Would this bring us that much closer to success and freedom..

Even some of the most talented minds in the world started out with a dream, a vision. They believed in their abilities even when others doubted them. They reached out to pre-established inventors, actors, mentors whoever it may be and just leaped.. Nikola Tesla for example.. Brilliant mind.. He took his ideas and brought them to Thomas Edison and ultimately became a successor with his innovations and need to find the next best thing. So intelligent but flawed with OCD and other complex ways of living and spending his time.. Which most creatives are highly sensitive beings and often enjoy the solitude and peace..

So how can you reach out to those above you in your industry to make your mark and spread your message? Simple. ASK..

Repeat these powerful affirmations to stay motivated!

Repeat these powerful affirmations to stay motivated!

Brand pitch: explain why it would benefit them to work with you, why were you inspired by their work and most of all thank them. Because they were apart of your journey.

If I have learned anything over the past 11 months of being a business owner its this:

There are going to be a lot of “NO’s” However it only takes one yes. Give this world what it needs.. Love, Trust and most of all Faith..

Be Brave, Be Grateful and most above all else pay it forward..