How I've missed you, xoxo.. Let's talk.. "Self Love"

Love Yourself…

As a life coach I understand the importance of self love and down time. Speaking from personal experience I felt like a bird in a cage sometimes.

We can operate from security.. Sounds good.. Of course it does.. Its Safe.. What would happen if you took a risk..

What comes up?

there was still one resistant feeling. Our deepest fear… REJECTION

How do i become greater and stronger than my own fears?

Self Love..

Its hard..

Believe me.

I believe you.

Think of standing on the edge or doorway to your true purpose and happiness but you just can’t take the next step.. What is the voice inside saying to you?

You are strong..

You are brave..



Feel the proverbial meaning radiate throughout your being.. Meditate on all that has transpired.. Why does the past still hold such prevalence over your current state of mind.


Re-center and ground. There is nothing better than connecting with nature and its beautiful, bountiful, nourishing energy. No matter how depleted your energy may feel… You have the power to regenerate your “Bio Battery”

Life is complex and we are capable beings. It all starts with Belief and Trust.

“Life is a Marathon.. Not a race. Pace yourself..”



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