Soulspiration Sunday “Perseverance”

To go through life playing to the rules and requirements of others is not only unappealing it’s never been a path I’ve seen my self on.


Call it stubborn call it being an innovator. What ever you claim it to be I’m different and I’m proud to be. Nothing stifles my souls drive more than knowing I would have to compromise me to satisfy some lame made up assumption of how your suppose to live your life.


I’m unconventional, I’m messy, I’m angry , hot tempered and at times I’m know to be sweet. Most of my hard shell comes from years of hardships, trials and errors. Trying on shoes that were too small or too big because I didn’t understand the significance of my uniqueness. Far more advanced in my speed of thought. Operating at speeds so fast I could barley focus in school. Part of the reason I dropped out at 16 and didn’t get my GED until I was 23. My hyperdrive mind always had me ahead of my footing which in times made me do things out of desperation because I didn’t harness patience.

Reminds me of the song “Desperate man” by Eric Church. I’ve been through the worst and best only to find my self tested over and over again. But what can I say, desperation leads to hard working people who don’t have time for Meaningless things. My focus is on the miles ahead sometimes knowing that loosing a footing can lead to opportunities.

So my soulspiration message to you today is to be on guard today, tomorrow and everyday after to be prepared as much as this chaotic world will allow. Don’t give up on your dreams, say your grateful and don’t let your passion burn out over the lack luster substance words that other’s spew! You’re exactly where your suppose to be. Carving out a path cut just right, for the bad ass your meant to be.


the creative intuitive