Mindset "Law of Attraction"

How can you make the law of attraction your friend?


Is it through crystals, herbs, Feng Shui or maybe it’s just all about your mindset?

This is all true. Well at least for those who use additional tools to help them along their law of attraction path. Most people believe that the universal law states, “Like aways Attracts Like.” So if your negative, then negative is most likely to follow. So if this is true than why wouldn’t you want to think positive and happy. This is a no brainer right? Not always the case. Because we live in such diverse times many people have different views whether that be religion, gods, traditions, culture and so on. Although through out each of these beliefs there is evidence of the law of attraction. For instance, the bible has stories that reflect how a cause had a reaction and a consequence. Look at the story of Adam and Eve. They were told not to eat from the tree of knowledge and Eve didn’t follow this warning. What was the result? A negative action led to a negative outcome. Are there times in your life where you felt the cause and effect of something you had done. Maybe you made a less than positive comment about the way someone looks and then days, weeks even months later that same negativity returned to you. This is an example of how Like attracts like.

Staying aware of how we are reacting to a situation or how we go through our day is something to stay mindful especially when wanting to harness the power of the law of attraction.

What is the “Point of Attraction” or “POA?”

This is defined as cause and effect of an intention. Most people get confused about how to master and harness the point of attraction because they think is one thing that creates the cause than the effect. When in all actuality its a multi-faceted thing. There are many moving parts that will be apart of your point of attraction. I may want to be a successful podcaster and I can set that intention however the universe needs something more in order to reciprocate this intention back. I need to take action. I need to proactively make choices and decisions and facilitate relationships to help grow and build my dream podcast. I Can’t just record and press publish and expect people to listen. I need to put the time and effort in to allow for the flow of abundance. Intentions are important but it’s crucial to follow through with action and not fear the unknown.

Setting your intention and knowing that it is going to take time and hard work than you can be better prepared when taking the path of the law of attraction. Staying mindful and moving out of a fixed mindset and gravitate into a growth mindset is also going to be beneficial on this journey. This is because you’re shedding those self limiting beliefs that will be telling the universe that, you’re not good enough, you’re tired, you’re not happy, you’re broke. All these self limiting beliefs can cause a negative cycle of events to keep coming into your life. STOP, start making the choice right now and today to correct yourself when you start thinking negative. Let it go and know that it doesn’t serve you!