Mindset Thursdays "personal & business branding"

Mindset Thursdays have been such an inspiring day for me. I hope that whoever reads my blog is finding value and being inspired to take claim of their lives and make the best decisions they can make.

Too many times in life we allow our gifts, talents and dreams to fall by the waist side. Keep the faith, work hard, take breaks and most of all believe in yourself! Know that there is a time when all that work will be acknowledged and brought to light.

Today’s blog post is going to make you work hard. Think about getting a journal especially on these days. I like to keep my readers engaged and intrigued. Because there is nothing more time consuming than reading the whole subject matter than realized that time was wasted because there was no actual substance or value. Believe me there has been days where I want to quit give up. These thoughts take their place more than I want to admit. The mindful work that I have been doing is slowly reintroducing the notion of accepting the thought then release. I am sure your asking yourself in this moment, “Who can I let this go when its all I think about?”

I am here to remind you of the journey that lies ahead. In order for us to be successful and show up everyday as our best. We need to focus on the personal work. That is why with my coaching packages I build in strategies that encompass both Personal branding and Business branding. Its to show the client that there is so much more than Capital and income that is part of building their business. There is the deep rooted work of going within and establishing a strong foundation of your values and morals. Code of honor, being transparent and having the integrity to know the difference between good business and bad. Being intuitive and aware of the ebbs and flows to be prepared for anything. My mission in life is to stay grounded and supported by my intuition and many years of experience helping run a hospitality business and also my years in the healthcare industry. These experiences in conjunction with my values and ethics have brought me to where I am today professionally. Building one of a kind packages and offering a different approach to social media, marketing and self development.

My goals for you today are simple belief, understanding and gratitude. Be simple yet inclusive in all that you produce. Whether that translates to your personal life, business relationships or both.


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