Day 8 Self love "Be like a tortoise"

Sometimes we have this drive that can overwhelm us and we end up getting burnt out and really end up accomplishing nothing but adding more stress to our already full plates. Now don’t get me wrong its amazing to have a strong will and drive; its also equally important to remember when to slow it down, reflect and harness that energy into a goal or a plan. We can have all these tasks and ideas swirling around in our over exerted brains…. But what good are they if we can’t stop and think about how to effectively present them to the world. Use your intuition and your better judgement to make a plan to take some time and think.. Yes think, map out your ideal lay it all out on the table and think… Don’t allow the excitement to overwhelm your better judgement.. You may end up jumping the gun and wasting a really brilliant idea.. Stay focused my friends and remember I am here for you and with you all month long during this challenge.. Reach out to me through my social pages, and don’t forget to check out my podcast for more weekly insight and support..