Day 17 Self Love

What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself_ (2).png

Day 17 my friends…

We have come so far from where we’ve been.. Captivated by our need to succeed and humbled by the amount of work we have accomplished over the last two weeks. Im learning more about the person I truly am. Underneath all the trauma, pain, doubt and lack of love..

I have begun to embrace the dark parts of myself to allow the light of my awoken self to perpetuate. Believe in all the parts of yourself because they helped mold you. Just remember the dark parts you don’t need to be defined by. They happened in order for you to help others who went through similar experiences. If your voice, your message can be the one thing that helps talk someone back from the ledge..

Please Please use that voice.. You never know what profound effect you may have. Don’t dim your shine because that experience my make you feel ashamed or different. Love yourself…..

Today’s challenge is……. When was the last time you indulged yourself, and how?



I took a vacation for the first time this year in September. We went to my Hometown where i grew up.. We went to all my favorite spots… Timmy’s Roast Beef, Thrift shops, Beach…. We had an absolute blast.. I allowed myself to indulge in the moment and not be distracted with the woes of life and the stress of work.. Also two days ago I got some really amazing Crystals from Rock Mystic on Instagram… I love the clear guidance and calm crystals bring.

I invite you guys to do the same.. What was the last thing you guys indulged in? If you can’t think of anything recent.. Get up go do something you love! Set aside a comfortable time frame where you can actually enjoy… Love and bond with whatever that indulgence may be… And of course make sure this is a healthy indulgence… Love ya guys