Day 19 Self Love Make our world a better place

Day 19 is all about your impact and what you are doing to make the world a better place.

These past two weeks you have build this strong foundation of self love. So todays question will help you use that newfound love and spread it throughout the world.

Too many times I have watched people be careless with their trash and carbon footprint, I can’t say I am driving a Prius but I am being more conscious in my efforts to help reduce the damage we are doing to our planet. How do I do this?

We usually go on vacation twice a year and when we do we go to the ocean. Well this year we went to a plum island off Newport, Ma and while walking along the beach i picked up almost 5 LBS of trash!! Yes! I was shocked too! not just wrappers and broken toys but 15 feet of fishing line with a rusty hook! What if my than year in a haft year old son would of been running and stepped on that rusty hook!

It’s not just at the beach my friends, its everywhere! My message to you is keep a pair of disposable gloves and some doggy trash bags (which usually come in a roll) to help. Be mindful of what you pick up especially if you see needles or sharps. Call your local police DON’T PICK THEM UP!

Let’s all work together to reduce our pollution on our planet!

What kind of things can you start doing to help make this world a better place, not only for you but for our future generations. The time for reevaluation is now. Its time to change.

Check out this article below for 7 instant ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Huffington Post

P.S. Your doing an amazing job in this challenge so proud of you!