Abundance Mindset Vs Scarcity Mindset

Have you been struggling lately?

Where is your mindset right now?

Do you have a scarcity mindset?

Are you consumed by the fear?

First step to move away from scarcity mindset and shift into abundance thinking is, Knowing that you’re in control of your thoughts. No matter your current situation whether you broke or rich, you have to accept that you are the controller of your thoughts and staying accountable.

When you think about scarcity what feelings and emotions come to the surface?

  • fear

  • worry

  • uncertainty

Scarcity mindset breeds negativity & pain  Expand your thoughts through mindful meditation.  Be the Light  In the dark.png

See how these are emotions and feelings. You have the option to shift those thoughts into accepting the fear and knowing fear means you’re doing something right.

When you embrace the worry and shift that into anticipation you can relax. Uncertainty can be mastered to show your compassionate in accomplishing your goals.

Accept that the fear, self limiting and scarcity thoughts are temporary and you will understand how to increase your self worth. if you let go and allow the flow of abundance to return things can and will improve. Learn to appreciate the process and try to be more open. This is not a competition. Failure is part of the process. Learning and growth helps you trust in the process and the ultimate purpose. Let go of the attachment.

Start with these Mantras to increase abundance use them while you meditate:

  • I am full of gratitude

  • I am full of Love

  • I am filled withJoy

  • I am abundant

Check out this video about Transcendental Meditation:

Stop worrying about what other people are doing and what they are saying!

Take advantage of your own opportunities!

There is room and growth for everyone. Think big stop thinking small and taking and risks or chances because that one choice could be the one you have been working towards.