Day 14 Self Love

Oh ya Day 14! We are bossing this challenge out!

So proud of all of you who have made it thus far. Believe me I know how hard it can be to start and finish something.. Sometimes our lives can be hectic and outside forces and distractions can take away this precious time we have. Staying committed to the process is what matters.

Being consistent, holding yourself accountable for making sure your doing the work. I listened to Gary Vee’s podcast today not sure if it was a new episode or a old one.. I just love listening to his stuff because he is the true representation of a “hardworking hustler” No not the hustler this crazy world has identified. I mean old school work 365, non-stop dedication to build your “LEGACY”! We are only here for a short amount of time so use your time wisely!

Todays challenge is all about asking your younger self what would they be proud of you for today! Inner reflection and understanding that whatever your past was and the person you were long before now.. Is proud of all that you have accomplished now.. The hard work, long nights, early morning, 2am blog inspired ideas.. Its the drive that keeps the fire burning in your soul to illuminate that passion and spread your message! Keep growing and learning and striving to leave a legacy to help the generations to come..

Because right now in this world we live in… We need people of the highest good and light!