Day 23 Self Love "Support System"

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Day 23 of the 31 day challenge and we have made so much headway!

Believing in yourself, building your self worth, setting healthy boundaries, shedding bad habits to uncover the strong foundation you have is so important on your journey work through this self love challenge.

I commend you on your dedication and cultivation of building strong relationships not only with yourself but with others.

Todays challenge is to look at your current support system. This could be your CoWorkers, friends or family.

How can this system be improved?

Can you make this support system stronger?

Are there areas within the relationships that are lacking? For instance sometimes relationships can have a break down in communication. One of the main components of having a strong established relationship. There needs to be clear lines of communication in order to transfer the valuable information. Having a strong exchange is important to create Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. Which is principles I have been building stronger within my own relationships by learning from my guest this week on the podcast, Steven Kuhn.

My request from you today is to really evaluate your support system, Are there people that you need to cut ties with because its toxic? Are there lines of communication that can be open more to let the information flow? Have you reached out to a potential prospect?

Find your groove and trust your intuition.. If it doesn’t feel right 90% of the time its not.