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This week for mindset Thursday I am gonna talk about being prepared. My girl Tiana Burse is killing it with her show “Hustle Season.” I found her while scrolling Facebook. I was so impressed with her innovating nature and hardcore hustle and drive.

She talks about the reality of being an entrepreneur and being aware that you can get tired and you can get burnt out. Learning to have a balance is important. Keeping in mind there are gonna be days that you’re gonna be tired from working hard to accomplish your goals. But being prepared is even more important. People talk about having New Year resolutions but they fail to understand that they could get a jump on those resolutions just by starting early. In the most recent live video by Tiana she talks about how she has gotten ahead of the game by proactively starting things early. She also most recently made major advances in her career because she set things in motion.


I want to encourage you guys today to really think about your goals for 2019. Everyone has different learning styles some are auditory, visual or kinetic or maybe you encompass all three. Either way you are a unique individual with your own learning style. Really take some time to see how utilizing your learning style in conjunction with tools that can help you get organized and motivated for going into 2019. My most favorite way for envisioning and setting in motion my future goals and plans is a vision board. This combines all the different learning styles to provide a really solid vision. My advice for starting your vision board is first to get real clear about what it is that you’re wanting for the upcoming year.. Get specific whether that pertains to your finances, health. family, business etc. Be sure to include pictures! Words are great and inspiring but pictures really set things into perspective because you actually get to look at it!


Check out this article below to get inspired on how to build your Vision Board


Deepak Chopra has had an amazing impact in my mindset most importantly his “Path to Love” book. This book found its way into my life at a perfect time. I was looking to heal and grow and this book literally fell into my lap. Literally. I was at my local library and was looking for self improvement or growth. I was skimming the shelves and as I came across his book I was reaching for a different book and as I was pulling the book from the shelf “path to love” fell off almost hitting me in the head. Talk about the universe literally hitting me in the head with divine intervention.

Being prepared before heading into the new year will not only get you ahead of the game, it will also make it easier for you while expanding your business and brand. Growth is the goal, expansion, network marketing, working with brands, companies or other influencers to really monetize your business or brand. Ensuring your have the mindset of success and confidence can help you with staying accountable and motivated. Try finding healthy routines and goals to help you along your journey as well!

for example:

I just signed up for the 21 day meditation challenge with Shantigar


Even though it doesn’t start until the 2nd of January I am already ahead of the game because I have been doing meditation before hand. This challenge will just help reinforce this great daily routine and help me stay accountable. Finding the balance between accountability and leisurely time is another battle in itself. Sometimes we can become distracted with life’s demands. Staying accountable through training the mind can help restore that balance.

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