Day 27 "Right Choices"

Hey there friends what a month! Can’t believe we are on day 27!!!


Bananas right! This is a true test of your commitment and willingness to learn, grow, inspire and what….. Transform! Yes Transformation!!

When you are done with this challenge you will have a new sense of who you are as an individual and your goals, values and purpose will be more clear.. Your relationships will improve.. How you react to situations will be less reactive and more proactive.. Really allowing yourself to think before doing. Focus on the topic at hand today..

Whats one choice you can make RIGHT NOW that your future self will thank you for?

Seems simple right… WRONG!! This is the home stretch of the 31 day challenge.. I told you its going to be a tough week.. So What choices currently are not making you feel thankful.. Can you shed some of those choices and replace them with healthier ones.. Is there a food that you could live without? What about making sure you brush your teeth.. Simple choice right? WRONG most of us are so preoccupied with so much we could forget something so simple but so beneficial to our health.. Remember to set daily reminders.. Like an alarm, Notes whatever works for you.. Find that “choice” and make it a habit to remind yourself of all the reasons why this “Choice will benefit you in the long run and you will be thankful for in the future!!

What choice will I be making?? hmmmm…….

So many things. But one comes to mind..

REMINDING MYSELF RIGHT NOW AND MAKING THE CHOICE TO BE GENTLE AND KIND WITH MY MIND! My future self will thank me because, anytime I start to feel overwhelmed I know that inner voice is my strength and guidance.