Soulspiration Sunday "Overcoming doubt"

Hey guys I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was good my son turned 2! It’s amazing how quick they grow. We are getting closer to Christmas time. This inspired me to write about the topic “doubt.”


For those of you starting out as Entrepreneurs this can be a strong self limiting belief! I still struggle with doubt. I most recently made the decision to stop offering social media management, marketing and web design.was it doubt? maybe.. or could it be me following another part in my journey.

It seems like everything is guiding me down the path of coaching. So many signs from the universe are reminding me of my true calling.

Last weekend was black Friday and I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across an ad for Udemy.

This online course platform offers all kinds of educational courses and certifications. JACKPOT

Regularly priced courses were discounted so much I was able to get 3 unique coaching courses! I can’t wait to apply all I have learned and become a better coach. I am determined to not allow Doubt to creep into my life! I have come too far!

You may be asking yourself:

So how can I overcome all this pressure to doubt myself?

I found myself doubting all i had done today1

However, I was reminded by my dear friend today that I am exactly where I am suppose to be. This doubt will not get the best of me! I will wipe my tears away with my strength and core values.

I know it’s hard work, I know that things get uncomfortable and tough. But self talks and strong tribes can help offset some of those behaviors and most of all help remove “doubt.”

My Favorite Group Tribe

My hope for whoever is reading this is to do some reflection today. Think about all the things that make you beautiful and strong! Doubt can be paralyzing it can completely immobilize you. Try writing down an affirmation or two!


Michael Schreiber


Don’t forget to check out my podcast to get inspired and be inspired! This week Michael Schreiber was my guest. A business coach, actor and artist in residency at Shantigar. We talk about the perplexing nature that being an entrepreneur can have and also the beautiful connection of soul based work, nature and being present in the now,