Day 21 Self Love "Believe"

Hey guess what? Its day 21!!!!!!!

What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself_.png

Lets take a moment to celebrate…… Give yourself a hug. Yes stop what your doing and hug yourself.. Its actually proven that giving yourself a hug can reduce anxiety and lower your stress level and boy do I need it after yesterday! If you guys follow me on Instagram you will see why!!

Enough about me… This is about you and the journey you’ve made over the past 21 days.. I am so proud of the effort you have been putting in. Its not easy to complete the same task everyday unless its showing up to work because you have to pay the bills right? No this is a self love challenge! This is doing something for you. Motivating yourself to love more… Not just others but you! How often as people do we do for others and not do for ourselves.. MOMS I know you can relate to me on this one.. Our children are our top and first priority.. But sometimes we need to step back and really take some time for us.. A minute, 5 minutes even 30 minutes when we know we can allot that time to dedicate to us..

Today’s message is a strong point.. and actually perfect for rounding out 21 days! Because it what?? Takes 21 days to form a new habit!

So what is something you’ve been working on believing THAT YOU DESERVE?

See how I put those last three words in all caps? Because YOU DESERVE IT!

No mater what it is you have been struggling with to believe… I want for you today to really repeat whatever it is out loud. Say it loud, shout it from the roof top! Claim it today.. No more putting it off or allowing self limiting beliefs to overshadow your true north! I am worthy.. I am strong.. I have purpose.. Hold it high. Let the light inside your heart and soul shine so bright that not even the darkest days could dim your shine.. I am so proud of you!

We got 10 days left! You got this I am here for you.

I believe that all I have been working on these past months will help someone like me from 2 years ago. A scared new mom confused on her path and purpose. A small risk can turn out to be the best decision you ever made.. Believe that..